May 03, 2012

John Page’s Kawasaki VN2000


I’ve been into bikes since the early 60’s and always had one in the garage or at least access to one through my father who has also been into bikes his whole life.


I have for years always sorted out my own modifications and been reasonably happy with them, but this was put to the test with my VN800 when I could not get a brake pedal on the left side and still use the gear lever as both wanted to use the same space.

A Kliktronic gear changer sorted the problem in the end.


When it came to my new (to me) bike the VN 2Ltr even the Kliktronic was not going to go on with out looking like a train wreck and I had the same problem with a left foot brake pedal wanting to be in the same space as the gear lever.


I eventually came to the conclusion that the only way round the problem would be a thumb brake.


I applied to the NABD, and was delighted to hear that I had been awarded a grant of a Wheaver thumb brake and a soon as I get the rest of the modifications finished I am looking forward to many happy and now safe miles both here and on the continent.


John Page



This NABD grant of a Wheaver Thumb Brake kit was sponsored by a donation from the staff at the Leeds office of Zurich Insurance and matched by Zurich’s Community Trust ‘Local Grants’ fund.