May 03, 2012

Leyton Cook’s Yamaha FZX750 Trike


Firstly can I say a big thank you to both the NABD and Trike Design for making it possible for me to be the proud owner of a trike (which I must say was not my first thought or route to return to motor bikes). 

It was something I had wanted to do for sometime but like most people did nothing about it for far to long, so this year I did.


I did my CBT, as I planned to buy a two-wheeled motorbike, but that showed me my limitations and also not feeling at one with two wheels as I once did in my youth, so some rethinking was called for.


After looking on the Internet and biking magazines I found Trike Design in my hometown of Caerphilly in South Wales.  At a meeting with Paul, one of the engineers, we discussed both my needs and the disability I have in my lower spine, which effects my movement and ability to bend.            


During my visit I was able to try out a trike for size and get a feeling of how it would be riding one.  I knew when I left it was a trike I needed, all the fun and buzz but something I could cope with!


Once again many thanks for your grant towards the costs of the conversion.


Leyton Cook


(Trike Design.  - Tel; 02920 880885 –

email; )


This NABD grant of £1,000 was sponsored by a donation from:

The Oddballs MCC