May 16, 2013

Mark Watts’ Harley Dyna Glide

I've been a member of the NABD for well over 15 years.  I first got interested in the NABD by going to a meeting with me father in law who' s disabled himself.  Well I've have always been passionate about any thing on two wheels from a humble MZ to a Harley but mainly British iron.

Unfortunately I crossed over the line from able-bodied to disabled just over three years ago on a late spring day while riding my old Norton 500 to a friends house to show the old girl off after a long winter rebuild.

I was T-Boned by an idiot in a Volvo coming out of their driveway with the usual “Sorry I didn’t see or hear you mate”.  Well, I went one way and my bike went the other.  In fact most of my bike decided to hide in a field, only the headlight stayed with me for company along with the front spoiler from the car.

“Oh bugger!” I thought as I looked at my legs, which by now were trying to tell the time by doing a bad impression of the hands of a clock.  The next thing I knew I was in an ambulance on the way to hospital with what I thought was just a broken leg.  I thought wrong!  I was in the operating theatre for 12 hours while they fixed me up with some sort of Meccano set.  Luckily for me they managed to save my left leg but it has now got very limited movement.

I thought that my biking days were well and truly behind me until someone suggested that I get a Kliktronic gear changer fitted.  The Kliktronic gear changer would allow me to change gears using push buttons on the handlebar so that I could still ride despite my disability.

Cash was a bit tight so I applied to the NABD for a grant from the NABD.  The whole process was so smooth that I was caught out at first.

After spending some time sorting out some problems on an old Harley Davidson Dyna Glide, fitting the Kliktronic was plain sailing.

I would like to say a big thank you to the NABD and the guys at Kliktronic for their help and last but not least to Ian Fitzpatrick for all the mechanical work on this bike (or other wise it would still be just sitting there).

Mark Watts.

This NABD grant of a Kliktronic gear changer was sponsored by a donation from The Greedy Pigs MCC