May 16, 2013

John Clark’s BSA C15


My accident happened in July 2002 where I was left with a brachial plexus injury to the right arm, fused right ankle and multiple fractures of the right hand, wrist, arm and right leg.

Whilst in hospital I learned about the NABD and decided to join there and then as it seemed if I wanted to get back on a bike I was going to need there help and experience.  When I finally got to a stage where I was positive that I would no longer need to have any more operations, the decision to get back on a bike was taken.

After searching the Internet I found a 1964 BSA C15 that was available locally and decided to buy it, the next problem to overcome was finding an engineer to carry out the adaption work and install some indicators to keep it legal.  A few phone calls later and I found Dave from BDS Motorcycles who was well up for the challenge.

It was decided that I would need a twin lever system so I applied to the NABD for help.  I was granted a K-Lever2 twin lever cable system and some money towards the fitting costs.  The twin lever was fitted, the original throttle was redrilled to allow it to be operated correctly from the left hand side and a Japanese indicator cluster was fitted.

The first time I got on the bike and took it for a test ride, every ache and pain I had just disappeared!  The sheer joy of being back on the road was unbelievable! I totally forgot about the limitations of my body and just immersed myself in the ride itself.

A big thank you to everybody at the NABD for helping me fulfil this dream of riding again and to Dave at BDS Motorcycles for all his hard work.

This NABD grant of £715.00 was sponsored by donations from HOG (Oxford Chapter) and Sarah Moore (sponsored participation in The Great Northern Run)

Adaption work carried out by; BDS Motorcycles, Unit 3 Cumberland Road, North Balkwell Farm Industrial Estate, North Shields, NE29 8RD.  Tel; 0191 257 7116.